Blackjack online

The model of blackjack from the developer of Playtech can not be called classical, because it has special rules of the game process. In online casinos, some games differ from the types used in terrestrial establishments.

The game takes place on a special table. The main goal is to set the 21st point or set the number that will be as close to the number as possible. Thus the sum in the result should not exceed 21-if it occurs; the user loses. In other situations, maps will be compared with the leader's cards. A card with a value of 10 points, combined with an ace, is called a blackjack. The latter is considered the strongest combination. Play man can sit on 1-5 boxes. In the casino, they are allowed to bet from 1 to 100 euros.

Card Dignity

Cards from 2 to 10 have the same dignity as their denomination. Ten points are equal: Jack, Lady, King. The ACE card gives 1 or 11 points depending on the situation. And each choice is made automatically in favor of gambler. For example, when the box has an ace with four, the player gets 5 or 15 points. If he comes back six, he gets 21 points. Thus, if 7 falls, it is considered that he has not 22 points, and 12.

Card Game Features

In American Blackjack from the manufacturer Playtech play with six decks of cards. All of them are stirred before the new distribution. This online game has the rules of the Las Vegas Strip, but with some changes. It is a well-known fact that the dealer gives himself two cards, one in the open. The presence of blackjack is not checked. The set is automatically completed with 17 glasses.

It should be noted that in this model, split is allowed to make only 1 time on the box. In this case, the ACE and the card, the value of which is 10 points, on separate boxing will be counted as 21 points. Users can make a double. When the dealer on the open 10-point card is formed blackjack, then the loser of the box, which was double, will be returned Gamblers.

Some players are insured against the dealer's victory when the ace is open. This insurance will be paid 2 to 1. If the gambler has ten cards without busting, the winning is automatically accrued. The standard winning box pays 1 to 1, and blackjack is rewarded 2 to 1. If the points are equal, it is a draw.

Interface Features

In the online casino Russian translation. Because of this, even novice gambler players can quickly understand the interface, which is understandable on an intuitive level. It should be noted that the slot machine blackjack does not have a table with the basic strategy, but there are custom settings. They regulate the speed of the game, turns on and off the function prompts, etc.

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