Morokei – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Guide


Morokei – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Guide

The Morokei is a mask that can be looted after killing the Dragon Priest, Morokei, in the College of Winterhold questline, towards the end of the questline. He

Skyrim Mage Walkthrough P75: Fall Forever Morokei

Welcome to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim! In this part I DESTROY MOROKEI, ohhh yeah!

WARNING: Spoilers included! Some content HAS been edited out to streamline but there is still spoiling content!

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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough – Part 126 – Morokei

Skyrim: Morokei Dragon Priest Mask [Labrynthian] (Staff of Magnus) FULL Live Walkthrough

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SKYRIM Dragon Priest Guide: Morokei

In this guide I show you everything there is to know about the Dragon Priest Morokei.

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Terminals – Halo 4 Guide


Terminals – Halo 4 Guide

There are 7 Terminals in Halo 4 hidden in the Campayoutube. Accessing the Terminals will unlock a video on Halo Waypoint, an external app you can download from

Halo 4 – Terminal Locations guide (terminus achievement)

Guide to all 7 halo 4 terminal locations + the terminus achievement.

*You can do this on any difficulty
*Requires waypoint to watch the terminals

-rally points-
Terminal 1: Rally Point – Bravo
Terminal 2: Rally Point – Bravo
Terminal 3: Rally Point – Bravo
Terminal 4: Rally Point – Bravo
Terminal 5: Rally Point – Delta
Terminal 6: Rally Point – Bravo
Terminal 7: Rally Point – Bravo
(thanks billy wolfe)

Terminal 1:
Near the end of the mission, after defeating two Hunters (the large armored enemies), you’ll gain access to the tower. At the end of a long hall you’ll see a wide, semi-transparent ramp. Check underneath this ramp to find a terminal.

Terminal 2:
Soon after taking out a group of Prometheans (just a few minutes into the mission, depending on difficulty), you’ll notice a large structure with rocky slopes on either side leading up to an entrance. At the very moment where Master Chief asks Cortana, “What’s that distortion?” in regard to his HUD, you should be facing the terminal, which is at ground level.

Terminal 3:
Immediately after the cutscene in which you meet up with a group of friendlies, simply turn around.

Terminal 4:
Exit the room in which you reclaim Cortana to find an elevator directly in front of you. Instead of immediately boarding it, look down the hall to your right to find a terminal.

Terminal 5:
After entering the production tower (third LZ for your Pelican) in an attempt to reach the Spire controls, Cortana will place a waypoint. Instead of turning right and heading for it, continue forward to the structure at the back of the large room. On the far side of said structure, you’ll find a terminal. If you’ve encountered the Hunters, you’ve gone too far and need to turn back.

Terminal 6:
After the cutscene in which Master Chief meets with Dr. Tillson, head outside. You’ll see the Atrium in front of you. Head directly for the area below the “Atrium” building printing on the right side to find a terminal between the jagged rocks.

Terminal 7:
Once you’re on the ‘ground,’ you’ll proceed through a series of rooms. In the third room, behind the central pillar, is a terminal.

Song: Arrival – Neil Davidge – Halo 4 OST

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Halo 4 – All Terminal Locations – ‘Terminus’ Achievement Video Guide

Halo 4 ‘Terminus’ Achievement Video Guide (All Terminal Locations)
Terminus (50G) – Found all of the Terminals in the Campaign.
Contact the Domain (10G) – Found a Terminal in the Campaign.
There are 7 Terminals total in the game. Once you’ve found and activated a Terminal, you can save and quit from the pause menu, without worry.
0:03 – #1 – Mission 2: Requiem (Rally Point – Bravo)
1:00 – #2 – Mission 3: ForeRunner (Rally Point – Bravo)
1:50 – #3 – Mission 4: Infinity (Rally Point – Bravo)
2:15 – #4 – Mission 5: Reclaimer (Rally Point – Bravo)
3:00 – #5 – Mission 6: Shutdown (Rally Point – Delta)
4:10 – #6 – Mission 7: Composer (Rally Point – Bravo)
5:03 – #7 – Mission 8: Midnight (Rally Point – Bravo)
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Halo MCC – All Halo 4 Terminals – Terminus – Achievement Guide

Guide for activating all the Terminals in Halo 4 in the Master Chief Collection along with the all achievements associated with each, including “Terminus”

Achievement Description: “Halo 4: Activate all Halo 4 Terminals.”

Level – All except Dawn
Difficulty – Any (Easy in above video)
Skulls – Any

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Halo 4 Terminals – Guide & Lore

Halo 4 is out on PC and updated on Xbox! So let’s go over the locations and lore of its terminals.

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HyperX Cloud Revolver + 7.1 Review

HyperX Cloud Revolver + 7.1 Review

HyperX Cloud Revolver + 7.1 drops the Dolby connection, but still sounds fantastic from every angle.

HyperX Cloud Revolver S Review and Mic Test


HyperX Cloud Revolver S Review and Mic Test. Is this the best gaming headset money can buy? HyperX has been killing it on the gaming headset front for the past few years. They just released the HyperX Cloud Revolver S, which brings 7.1 surround sound to their Revolver line. As soon as I heard they were out I ordered a pair. I’ve been using them all weekend. Let’s see how they sound.

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HyperX Cloud Revolver Review, Not So Premium Headset, Premium Price

After a few weeks of using this premium HyperX headset I am ready to tell you my thoughts on it. Do not buy it, at the very least watch this before you do! Watch my review to see why.

HyperX Cloud Revolver Review – The Champion Headset?

Meet the Cloud Revolver – HyperX’s top end headset. Is it any good, how good is the mic, and should you buy one? Join PC Centric for the full review.
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HyperX Revolver S Gaming Headset Detailed Review – ANY GOOD??

Reviewing the HyperX Revolver S Gaming Headset.
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Best Nintendo Switch Lite Accessories 2022

Best Nintendo Switch Lite Accessories 2022

Here are the Nintendo Switch Accessories we know will work with the Nintendo Switch Lite.

*MUST HAVE* Nintendo Switch Lite Accessories

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10 Nintendo Switch Lite Accessories – Ep.7 – HAULED – List and Overview

Next Episode:

Here’s 10 Accessories to deck out your Nintendo Switch Lite! We’ve got another part coming soon so make sure to ding the bell to stay notified ;D

NOTE: We changed the episode numbers to include this Nintendo Switch Lite HAULED episode. From now on we’ll include items for both the original Switch and Switch Lite in this series��


00:00 – Intro
00:41 – Hori Nintendo Switch Lite Slim Tough Pouch
01:18 – Hori Nintendo Switch Lite DuraFlexi Protector
01:54 – Hori Nintendo Switch Lite Hybrid System Armor
02:27 – Hori Nintendo Switch Lite Dual USB Playstand
03:10 – WaterField Nintendo Switch Lite Slip Pouch
04:31 – PDP Nintendo Switch Deluxe Travel Case
05:42 – PDP Nintendo Switch Elite Commuter
06:40 – tomtoc Nintendo Switch Lite Slim Case
07:28 – Orzly Nintendo Switch Lite Screen Protector
07:49 – Orzly Nintendo Switch Lite Carry Case
08:38 – Outro


● Nintendo Switch Lite:

● Nintendo Switch v2 HAC-001(-01):

Hori Nintendo Switch Lite Slim Tough Pouch:

Hori Nintendo Switch Lite DuraFlexi Protector:

Hori Nintendo Switch Lite Hybrid System Armor:

Hori Nintendo Switch Lite Dual USB Playstand:

WaterField Nintendo Switch Lite Slip Pouch:

PDP Nintendo Switch Deluxe Travel Case:

PDP Nintendo Switch Elite Commuter:

tomtoc Nintendo Switch Lite Slim Case:

Orzly Nintendo Switch Lite Screen Protector:

Orzly Nintendo Switch Lite Carry Case:

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Is the Splatoon 3 OLED the BEST Nintendo Switch YET?!

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The NEW Splatoon 3 Nintendo Switch OLED

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Best Nintendo Switch Lite Accessories!

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Glintstone Stars – Elden Ring Guide


Glintstone Stars – Elden Ring Guide

The Glintstone Stars is an offensive Glintstone Sorcery in Elden Ring, purchased by various

Elden Ring – The BEST MAGE ARMOR SET + MORE! Azur’s Glintstone Armor Set Location Guide!

#EldenRing #EldenRingNews #EldenRingUpdate

Elden Ring – The BEST MAGE ARMOR SET! Azur’s Glintstone Armor Set Location Guide!

intro: 00:00
Comet Azur: 00:20
Stars Of Ruins: 6:36
Azur Armor Set: 08:46
Stats: 12:12

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Elden Ring: Full Sellen Questline (Complete Guide) – All Choices, Endings, and Rewards Explained

All Quests and Locations for Sellen & Jerren NPCs in Elden Ring. This questline rewards you with two Legendary Sorceries (Comet Azur and Stars of Ruin) along with up to 3 Armor Sets (Azur’s Armor Set, Lusat’s Armor Set, and Jerren’s Armor Set) and a Unique Weapon. This guide covers all choices and endings in Sellen’s and Jerren’s questline.

0:00 – Sellen Quest Rewards Covered in this Guide Video (Spells, Weapons, Armor Sets)
0:18 – Before doing Sellen’s Quest: (Discover and Activate Grand Lift of Dectus)
0:57 – Before doing Sellen’s Quest: (Defeat Godric and Enter Raya Lucaria Academy)
1:21 – How to start Sellen’s Quest (Find Sellen at Waypoint Ruins)
1:43 – How to get to Seethewater River (Comet Azur)
2:22 – How to get to Seethewater Cave (Comet Azur)
2:40 – How to get to Seethewater Terminus (Comet Azur)
2:59 – How to get to Craftsman’s Shack (Comet Azur)
4:11 – Where to get Comet Azur Legendary Sorcery
4:53 – Where to get Sellian Sealbreaker and How to get Stars of Ruin Legendary Sorcery
5:16 – Where to find Sorcerer Lusat (Sellia Hideaway Hidden Entrance)
5:59 – Where to use Sellian Sealbreaker (Sellia Hideaway Walkthrough)
7:19 – What to do after telling Sellen about Lusat (How to start Radahn Fight)
7:50 – What to do after defeating Radahn (Speak with Sellen about Primal Glintstone)
7:59 – Where to find Sellen’s Real body (Witchbane Ruins)
8:36 – What to do after getting Sellen’s Primal Glintstone (Find Jerren at Redmane)
8:55 – What to do if Jerren is not at Redmane Castle
9:05 – Where to find Jerren after Redmane Castle (Witchbane Ruins)
9:14 – How to get to Ranni’s Rise
9:30 – Where to find Sellen’s New Body (Near Ranni’s Rise)
10:04 – What to do if you can’t find Sellen or Jerren anywhere
10:17 – What to do after transferring Sellen’s Primal Glintstone to her new body
10:42 – Rewards for “Challenge Sorceress Sellen” choice (Exclusive: Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone)
10:23 – Rewards for “Assist Sorceress Sellen” choice (Exclusive: Azur’s Armor Set, Lusat’s Armor Set, Glintstone Kris, Spiral Shard Sorcery)
12:01 – Where to get Azur’s Armor Set
12:09 – Where to get Lusat’s Armor Set
12:21 – Stats and Descriptions of All Sellen Quest Rewards
12:32 – Where to find more help and info on Sellen’s Questline

Blood Build Items:
Rivers of Blood Katana:
White Mask:
Lord of Blood’s Exultation:
Mimic Tear Ashes:

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How to get Glintstone Staff and use sorcery with Samurai. Elden ring gameplay.

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Elden Ring – Your Mage Build NEEDS this Weapon Early – Lazuli Glintstone Sword Location Guide!

Elden Ring Best Weapon Early is the best intelligence weapon for the Astrologer class – Lazuli Glintstone Sword Location Guide.
�� Best Staff Early Location: &list=PLl_Xou7GtCi4yw5FczYRUasUNhBgHHrnC &index=1
�� 14% Off Metal Artwork:
�� Somber Smiting Stone Guide out soon!

This Elden Ring guide will show you how to get the best intelligence weapon for the Astrologer class mage build location early game. The Lazuli Glintstone sword is an intelligence weapon with low attribute requirements perfect for pure intelligence builds. The Lazuli Glintstone Sword has a special skill attack that fires glintstone pebbles without using any memory slots. It also has a unique thrust attack that usually staggers enemies. The Lazuli Glintstone sword should be used in your right hand and a staff in your left to cast sorcery, the sword acts as a powerful melee backup that scales in damage with intelligence. The weapon can be located at the Caria Manor in the north of the map, I will show you how to get to this location and how to unlock the full map as you go.

➖ Time Stamps ➖
0:00 Lazuli Glintstone Sword Summery
3:19 How to reach the Location Walkthrough
15:22 Caria Manor Location Walkthrough
17:30 Farming Method Guide
19:06 Other farming location

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Lavender Town – Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow Guide


Lavender Town – Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow Guide

Lavender Town is… well, apart from being a lavender colored town… a super-sized cemetery city for

Pokemon Red/Blue Walkthrough: Part 15 Lavender Town and Kadabra

Hello and Welcome to the 15th episode of the series Let’s play Pokemon Red. In this series we will complete the game that started it all, Pokemon Red. After this games completion we will be playing other generation Pokemon games to relieve this adventure.

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Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow – How to get past the ghost

How to get past the ghost in Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow

Pokemon Yellow: Detailed Walkthrough #024 – Triumph Training Towards Lavender Town

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Pokemon Yellow Walkthrough Part 23: Lavender Town!

We finally get to the creepy place of Lavender Town! We discover a few things, Mr. Fuji is missing, Gary is EVERYWHERE and GHOSTS!!!


Pokémon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition “Pocket Monsters Pikachu”), more commonly known as Pokémon Yellow Version, is a 1998 role-playing video game developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy handheld video game console. It is an enhanced remake of Pokémon Red and Blue. Along with the release of Pokémon Yellow, a special edition yellow Pokémon-themed Game Boy Color was also released.

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